Dress to Impress, Virtually: How to Change Clothes in Photos with StyleLab Photo editing app

Ever wished you could instantly try on that stunning outfit you saw online, without leaving the comfort of your couch? Well, wish granted! StyleLab, the innovative fitting room app, empowers you to transform your photos by letting you change clothes virtually. Ready to unleash your inner stylist? Here’s how to achieve a fashion metamorphosis with StyleLab:

Step 1: Download and Launch

First things first, head to your app store and download StyleLab. Once installed, launch the app and get ready to experience the future of virtual fashion!

Step 2: Upload Your Photo

StyleLab offers two ways to get started: “Change your clothes” and “Create an outfit.” We’ll be focusing on the “Change your clothes” option, perfect for transforming an existing photo. Click on the camera icon or select an existing picture from your phone’s gallery.

Step 3: Define Your Canvas

Once your photo is uploaded, StyleLab intelligently detects the person in the image and automatically creates a body outline. This “canvas” defines the area where clothes will be virtually applied. If needed, you can adjust the outline using pinch-to-zoom and dragging gestures to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Choose Your New Threads

This is where the fun begins! StyleLab boasts a diverse wardrobe of clothing options for all genders and styles. Explore a wide variety of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and even accessories. Browse by category or use the search bar to find specific pieces.

Step 5: Get Detailed

Don’t settle for generic! StyleLab allows you to personalize your virtual outfit by selecting specific colors, patterns, and textures. Many items come in multiple variations, giving you endless possibilities to create your dream look.

Step 6: Precision is Key

StyleLab utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to seamlessly blend your chosen outfit onto your photo. However, for optimal results, it’s helpful to fine-tune the placement of the virtual clothes. Utilize the “Refine” feature to adjust the size and position of the garments.

Step 7: Final Touches and Save!

Once you’re happy with your virtual creation, you can add final touches like adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the image using the built-in editing tools. When your masterpiece is complete, simply save the transformed photo to your device or share it with friends and family on social media!

Bonus Tip: Feeling uninspired? StyleLab offers pre-designed “Outfit Ideas” in various styles. Explore these suggestions and use them as a starting point for your own creative edits.

Beyond the Dressing Room:

StyleLab isn’t just about changing clothes in photos. The app goes further by offering additional features like:

  • Shopping Recommendations: Discover similar clothing options to your virtual creations in online stores, making it easier to find and purchase the clothes you love.
  • Trend Exploration: Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends by browsing StyleLab’s curated collections and recommendations.
  • Community Engagement: Share your virtual outfits and connect with other fashion enthusiasts within the app’s community.

With StyleLab, the world of fashion becomes your playground. So, ditch the physical fitting rooms and embrace the convenience and endless possibilities of virtual styling! Download the app today and unlock your inner fashionista!

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