SMS Bombing and Call Bombing: A Digital Harassment Disruption

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a non-stop barrage of text messages or calls, making your phone unusable? This is likely the result of SMS bombing or call bombing, a malicious tactic used to harass or disrupt communication. Let’s delve into what these terms mean and how to protect yourself from them.

What is SMS Bombing and Call Bombing?

  • SMS Bombing: Also known as message bombing, SMS bombing involves flooding a phone number with a massive number of text messages in a short period. Attackers use automated tools or apps to bombard the victim with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of messages, rendering the phone unusable for legitimate calls and texts.
  • Call Bombing: Similar to SMS bombing, call bombing overwhelms a phone number with a continuous stream of automated calls. This can come from robocallers or malicious actors aiming to disrupt service or harass the recipient.

Why Does SMS/Call Bombing Happen?

The reasons behind SMS/call bombing can vary:

  • Harassment: This is a common motive, with the goal being to annoy, intimidate, or disrupt the victim’s life.
  • Revenge: Someone might resort to SMS/call bombing out of spite or anger towards the recipient.
  • Spam: Bombing tactics can be used to send bulk unsolicited messages containing malicious links or phishing attempts.
  • Disruption: Overloading a phone line with calls or texts can be a tactic to disrupt business operations or public services.

How to Stop SMS Bombing and Call Bombing?

You can visit the above links and blacklist your numbers.

If you’re being targeted by SMS/call bombing, here are some steps to take:

  • Don’t Engage: Responding to the messages or calls can encourage the attacker. Block the numbers if possible.
  • Report the Attack: Report the incident to your phone carrier and consider filing a police report if the harassment is severe.
  • Enable Spam Filters: Most phones have built-in spam filters. Enable them to help identify and block suspicious messages and calls.
  • Consider Apps: Third-party apps can offer additional protection by filtering out spam calls and texts.

By staying informed and taking the necessary precautions, you can protect yourself from the nuisance and disruption caused by SMS/call bombing.

Remember: If you suspect you’re being targeted, don’t hesitate to report the harassment and take steps to safeguard your phone.

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